About Us : History Of College

Shri H.L.Patel Arts and Commerce College,Bhayavadar was developed on 15th june in the year 1976 as the first co education college in rural of Bhayavadar.overall development of the student is the prime objective of the institution by education and life skills developing environment. the college is spread in 1.14 acre / 4617 square meter of campus area. the college is recognized by UGC under 2(f) and 12(b) since 1988.

The institute takes care at the utmost disciplined and learner centered environment is created in the institute so that generated educated youth who can contribute to the betterment of the society and the nation at large. the college is blessed with 1) young and enthusiastic in charge principal, 2) committed and dynamic management and 3) young and energetic staff.

The collage runs Bachelor of Arts (B.A) and Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) programs specializing in Gujrati, Hindi in Arts and Commerce and Accountancy in Commerce. The collage has student strength of 479 and has 14 faculties. The collage had 231 working days and 185 teaching days last academic year to fulfill the academic targets. The Collage has 14 sectioned posts out of which 10 are filled uo with permanent duly qualified faculites. One faculty is M.Phil In last five years 8 faculties have participated in refresher courses conducted by UGC-ASC. The faculty members perform assitional administrative work (Average four hours a week) and support in strengthening the collage requirements. Student assessment of the faculty performance is carried out regularly and feedbacks form other stake holders is also taken. Faculties actively participate in conferences, seminars and other events and collage promotes them by facilitating their travel, registration fess and support in academic calender adjustment which includes leaves to be provided.

The library is partially automated by SOUL softwere where 12 journals are subscribed and has 3641 titles of thw books. The collage has 24 computers and has dial up internet connectivity with two computers. All staff member and students arts and commerce collage, computer is an integral part of the students' and faculties lives. The collage has sports field, womens' restroom, transportation, canteen, student center, vehicle parking in house dispensary having visiting doctor. Collage has out performed the average university result year after year. Collage has well set student counseling senter, grievnce redressal cell, alummi association, patent teacher association.

The institute is at the cross roads of existence with increasing competition form self financed collages. The number of students in year 2005-06 was 515 while in 2006-07 the number is 479, which is a clean indication that collage needs to do more attract more student. This is a clear indication that collage needs to do more attract more students. The Collage has not been able to create a culture of research amongst students and faculties is a clear reflection that efforts are paying off. The collage has not been able to contribute much in curricular aspect as it strictly asheres to the university curriculum. The collage immediately needs to open its account in organizing and participating in major cultyral events, seminar, coference etc. Though, collage is working on applying innovative methodologies in terms of delivery of the curriculum, The student progression is not upgraded and the data is still no crated. Inclusive practices and stakeholder relationship needs to be strengthened. Library needs to be upgraded and activities for student placement and further study counseling need to be established.

With these entire Strengths and weaknesses institute is rightly placed to move forward to tack on the text challenges posted by the environmental factors. With the NAAC initiative the institute dreams of moving forward into the new direction with the help of assessment and accreditation.